Saturday, April 13, 2013

CU Update 16, New Races, Classes and "Darkness Falls" Lives again in "The Depths"

In update 16 Mark mentions their stretch goals for kickstarter. New races, classes and he drops a bombshell for stretch goal #2, in the tradition of Darkness Falls, a new rvr dungeon, The Depths!

"Finally, it’s stretch goal time! Our first goal is a fairly predictable one for any RPG Kickstarter, new races and classes. If we make our first goal, we will create three new races and classes with each realm getting one additional race and class. While the race is 100% TBD, our leading candidate for the additional class is an archer. Again, we don’t expect anyone is going to be surprised at that but hey, that’s what easy to reach stretch goals are all about on Kickstarter.
   Now, as to the second stretch goal, this might be a somewhat controversial one. Rather than spend a lot of time talking about it now, I will end this update and let you watch the videos.
   BTW, as to the “Here, every true son & daughter perishes” tease of last night well, it both as a tease, warning and if you take the first letter of each word you get: H E T S D P = D E P T H S. ?
   Enjoy the videos and if you like what you see, spread the word. Hell is not coming but The Depths await you in Camelot Unchained."

Continue reading here:  CU Update 16


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