Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Auction Houses and Character Advancement-Horizontal Leveling

Mark's comments on auction houses and toon advancement.

"The addition of auction houses made it quite convenient for players to exchange goods. They have evolved over time from static locations with interactive auctioneers to, in some games, the ability for the player to buy and sell goods anywhere in the world. While this feature is quite popular (especially for pack rats like me), it has come at the cost of decreasing socialization between players and possibly, an increased sense of disconnection with the game as a world, rather than the world as a game. Again, a great feature for some games but in CU, we will have no auction house (though a commodities market *may* be an option due to the difference between gathered resources and crafted goods). Instead, crafters will control shops that they can run themselves or they can barter their goods in parts of towns that we have customized and optimized for that specific purpose." Foundational Principle #3

Character Advancement and Horizontal Leveling

Q: How much of the progression do you plan on making vertical?
MJ: Much more horizontal and slow leveling. I don't want people to max out in 30 days and be gods to newbies. Boring. Q&A - April 16th

Q: Will there be hard or soft caps for stats and horizontal or vertical progression?
MJ: We have a soft cap and horizontal progression. Q&A - April 16th

Q: Will there even be a numbered leveling system in the traditional sense? Or are we looking more at a RR-style progression?
MJ: It's a bit of a hybrid system actually. Q&A - April 16th

Q: Given the focus on crafting does that mean we'll be seeing DAOC like stat caps?
MJ: Right now my thinking is a soft-cap system for all stats and abilities but this is something we will continue to talk about over the next few months, let alone years. I think a soft-cap with slow progression is the best way to go but like I said, I'm not committed to this yet.

Q: I think there needs to be RvR rewards to keep a game interesting. What are your thoughts?
MJ: I couldn't agree more and I'll add that the rewards have to be more than just another ability. I hate the word "holistically" but we do need to look at the entire game and see how we can get creative without rewards, drops and pats on the head. That's part of what I've been spending a lot of time thinking about in terms of progressions and frankly, fun.

Q: Is it your intention to creating a game focused on the 'later' players, who purely played it for the RvR?
This game is really focused on both RvR-players and crafters at the same time. It's a weird sounding mix but I think it can work out very well. It's different but the more that I thought about where this game could go with that mix, the more excited I got.


"Our progression systems will be based solely on the activities that you are participating in directly (“Die Die. Kill you all. Make you suffer!”) or (“Heal Heal. Heal you all. Make you whole!”) or simply by otherwise helping out in RvR, even if you aren’t very good at it. The reward/leveling systems are a lot more complicated than that and I’ll talk about them in a separate post entitled “Level me up Snotty” coming soon to this blog and man oh man, will that post stir up some interesting reactions. Know that I’m a fan of “You are what you do” gameplay as well as a class-based system for this kind of game so"…Foundational Principle #2

"However, I may also put in some features that some people might not consider fun (like true day/night cycle, slower and different leveling systems, extremely limited fast travel, no PvE leveling/gear grind) because I believe that will make this a better game for our niche." Foundational Principle #1.

More information over here:  CU Faqs.


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