Friday, March 29, 2013

Mark Jacobs Interview and your own personal island

Marks interview with Gamebreaker reveals some more kickstarter tiers. Hmm my own personal island, should I?

"-The pledge tiers for the CU Kickstarter are just as you described them: generous. You have mentioned you are looking for feedback about the pledge tiers. What are other possible rewards you are looking at?

Thank you very much. It really was quite important for me personally to offer our backers very generous tiers given that we are asking them for $2M. In terms of other rewards, well, we have some of the more common RPG ones like owning an inn and naming a structure, but we also have a tier where you get to throw a fruit pie in my face and have it uploaded as one of our CSE videos.

-You said in your blog post “Clear As Mudd” that you have a dozen more tiers planned. Any hints at what your plans are for those?

Hints? We can do better than that for you guys. We have a $75 tier named “I love Tchotchkes!” that gives our backers lots of Founders Points to buy hats, cloaks, etc. We have a guild tier called “That’s one big guild!” priced at $1,700 that comes with, along other things, 30 digital copies, and “I own an island” at $5,000 where we will build a custom island for a player that is non-instanced and part of the game’s world."

Continue reading here: Mark Jacobs Interview and your own personal island


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